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Did you know that fast fashion makes up of 10% of the global footprint on the planet?  Did you also know that 170 million children are working in the garment industry? Very Sad! Will you be part of the solution?

Momo use ethical, sustainable, empowering practices by finding 100% sustainable, New Zealand owned companies to colaborate with to source our fabric and garments.

After meeting Samantha Jones at Kaahui Collective Waanaga in 2021 of Little Yellow Bird ~ learining about sustainable and ethical practices, Momo wanted to part of the solution instead of the problem!

We do our best at providing sustainable and ethical garments for our customers so we buy bulk from LYB and trust the sustainablity journey they lead. Feel free to follow here...

We also believe in providing a sustainable future for the next generation. Momo partner Gratitude New Zealand Chariable Trust Board ~ and donate 10% of our profits to support providing clothing and kai on the tables of familes and tamariki in low income areas.